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Clinical Podcasts

The websites below provide open access to clinically-oriented podcasts and audio recordings, delivering a broad mix of lectures and interviews and conversations and commentary. The content on these sites can be listened to online or downloaded.

Emergency Medicine Podcast Sites

Emergency Medicine Journal

Podcasts from the Emergency Medicine Journal, featuring interviews and debates.


Emergency Medicine: Reviews and Perspectives. In-depth and up-to-date reviews of emergency medicine. [Paid subscription required].


A focused discussion on the questions, quagmires and known unknowns we face everyday in the emergency department. Curbside consults with specialists, different takes from ED docs the world over, procedures, product reviews and the down low nitty gritty of emergency medicine. Each episode of Ercast covers a single issue and tries to tease out all of the relevant elements that affect your practice without overstuffing your frontal cortex. It's for physicians and anyone interested in a bare bones look at emergency care. ($$ Paid Subscription Required $$)

Everyday Medicine for Physicians

Podcasts from Dr Ryan Stanton, full-time emergency physician in Lexington, Kentucky.

Best Science Medicine Podcast

The podcasts are presented by James McCormack and Michael Allan. We try to promote healthy skepticism and critical thinking and most of the podcasts are presented in a case-based approach. 

Annals of Emergency Medicine

Audio summary of each monthly issue


A weekly program for emergency medical providers.

The FlightBridge ED Podcast

Pre-hospital, critical care, and emergency medicine education podcast presenting the latest evidence-based medicine, case studies and more in an easy to understand format that you can listen to on the way to work, in the gym, or whenever you have a little spare time for learning.

EM Basic

EM Basic is made for medical students and emergency medicine interns to review the basics of emergency medicine.  Each podcast starts exactly how a patient interaction in the ED starts- with a chief complaint.  From there, we’ll go over the important points of the patient’s history and physical exam, the workup, and the basic treatment and disposition of each chief complaint that you will encounter in the ED all in ~30 minute easy to digest audio podcasts.

Core EM Podcast

Emergency Medicine CME from New York University Langone Medical Centre.

The Resus Room

The Resus Room is run by Simon Laing an Emergency Medicine Consultant in the UK with particular interests in resuscitation, evidence based medicine, FOAM and the current E-learning lead for RCEM. At least twice a month this site will bring you podcasts on a variety of Emergency Medicine topics that you’ll use every day in and around the resus room, centered around evidenced based medicine and with reference to national and international guidelines.


A series of audio interviews addressing upcoming research and its application to the injured patient, education efforts related to trauma, and novel methods in the management of injury.


GEMCAST is a Geriatric Emergency Medicine Podcast: A series of lectures on clinical topics to help physicians, trainees, nurses, and paramedics who take care of older adults, particularly in the acute care setting. GEMCAST grew out of a desire to help share expertise in the fields of geriatrics and emergency medicine. By the year 2020, older adults (age 65 and over) will account for 25% of Emergency Department (ED) visits. Caring for older adults well requires an awareness of the syndromes that affect them, the common disease processes that bring them to the ED, and the frequent atypical presentations they may have.