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Endnote: Getting Started

Download EndNote



To download onto a Queensland Health PC, staff should access the Software Center and install the software. An alternative is to register your request on the SelfService Centre Web site. 

Hospital and Health Service staff may also install EndNote on their home PC. Staff should contact the Queensland Health Library that serves their Hospital and Health Service, and request a copy of the installation file.

What is EndNote?

EndNote allows users to create their own personal library of references to articles, books and other materials collected during research. References can then be selected from the library and inserted into a Word document via a toolbar which EndNote adds to Word. EndNote will create an in-text citation for the reference and also create the bibliography entry at the end of the document. These entries can be configured to conform to any bibliographic style (e.g. APA, Harvard, Vancouver).

How it works

References can be added to the library by:

  • Manually typing each reference

  • Downloading references from electronic databases such as Medline, PsycInfo or CINAHL

  • Importing references for books or articles from a library catalogue

Getting in-text citations and bibliography references into your Word document

  • In the EndNote toolbar in Word, search the library for the reference by author or keyword and insert it into your Word document;

  • The Edit & Manage Citation(s) option in the EndNote toolbar in Word, allows users to:

    • choose the appropriate format for the in-text citation (e.g. changing from (Author, Year) to Author (Year))

    • add page numbers to an in-text citation

    • suppress author and/or date in specific in-text references (e.g. change a corporate author from the full name to an acronym without affecting the bibliography)

  • The bibliography can be switched between different referencing styles (such as APA or Harvard), or formatted as endnotes or footnotes without retyping references

How to use EndNote in 6 minutes video - Windows

How to use EndNote in 6 minutes video - Mac